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Swift Changes and Errata

This page has notes on recent changes to Swift and errata in the book.

This includes:

Changes to the print statement effective in Xcode 7.1 beta6

Minor errors in the print version of the book.

Changes to the print statement:
The print statement in Swift 1 had two versions: print("hey") printed the value only, while println("hey") printed the value followed by a linefeed ("\n").

The first implementation of the print statement in Swift 2 had two versions. The statement print("hey") resulted in printing the value only. A second version had two parameters. The second parameter, labeled "appendNewline", had one of two values: true or false. If true, it appended a newline character; if false, it did not.

This has now been changed, effective in Xcode 7.1 beta6, to the following: The statement print simply prints the value provided, with no linefeed. A second version, e.g., print("hey", terminator: "") prints the value provided in for the terminator parameter, which is either blank or "\n" if a newline character is desired.

Minor errors in the print version of the book:
Available soon.